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Anti oil giant Pacific Rubiales rally in Puerto Gaitán

1 August 2013

Pacific Rubiales Energy has over the last decade grown to be the largest independent oil company in South America. A result of a myriad of mergers between different companies, it can trace its presence in Colombia back to 1982 and made big inroads in the country with the 2008 acquisition of Kappa Energy. The Toronto-based oil giant today extracts around 20% of Colombia’s oil and has surpassed BP and Occidental to become the country’s largest extractor of oil behind the state-owned Ecopetrol.

NGOs prepare ethical tribunal on Pacific Rubiales

22 July 2013

Canadian NGOs met with residents of Puerto Gaitán, Meta (Colombia) to gather evidence that Campo Rubiales is polluting and endangering the population

Campo Rubiales / Gabriel Aponte

Colombian labour union accuses Canada’s Pacific Rubiales Energy of intimidation

20 July 2013

MEDELLIN, Colombia – Colombian authorities are investigating accusations a Canadian resources company has used threats and intimidation to bust up union activity.

USO, a Colombian labour union, has filed a complaint with the country’s Attorney General alleging Toronto-based Pacific Rubiales Energy is trying to quash union activity and even blacklisting some workers affiliated with unions.

No formal charges have been laid.

Colombian Popular Tribunal to try Canadian oil company

18 July 2013

BOGOTA, Colombia, July 12, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Representatives of Canadian and Quebec's civil society organizations are in Colombia this week as part of a delegation to support and observe a popular hearing on the actions of Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales Energy in Colombia. The hearing is part of the more expansive Popular Tribunal on Extractive Policies in Colombia, organized by Colombian social organizations, including the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO), the national oil workers union.

Canadian Pension Plan Divests from Excellon Resources

18 July 2013

TORONTO, July 18, 2013 /CNW/ - The United Steelworkers (USW) welcomes the decision by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) to divest its entire holdings in Excellon Resources Inc.

"Investors have obligations to shareholders to invest responsibly and avoid links to human rights violations, and this is especially the case with CPPIB which oversees the retirement funds for all Canadians," said Ken Neumann, USW National Director. The USW has criticized the CPPIB in the past for its poor policy on socially responsible investment.

Harper Government Withholds Documents on Controversial Canadian Mining Company

11 July 2013

Eight months and counting: Steelworkers ask Information Commissioner to investigate government's failure to release information on Excellon Resources

TORONTO, July 11, 2013 /CNW/ - The United Steelworkers (USW) union is asking federal Information CommissionerSuzanne Legault to investigate the Conservative government's failure, for more than eight months, to release information on a Canadian mining company's controversial operations in Mexico.

Community of Pitalito, Colombia, ordered to leave weeks after returning to their lands

10 July 2013

On July 8th 2013, the community of Pitalito received an eviction order issued by the mayor of Chimichagua, Amauri Villareal Tordecilla. The eviction concerns the families who returned to their land on May 21st 2013, less than two months ago. As it stands, police or military forces could arrive at any moment to execute the order.