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Political Declaration from the International Conference about Political Crime and the Situation of Political Prisoners in Colombia

28 October 2014

More than 600 people from all over the country met in the city of Bogota the 15th of October, the National Day of the Political Prisoner and Detainee, to reflect on the peace talks, political crime, and the situation of political prisoners in Colombia and in the world.

As a result of this conference, family members and friends of the political prisoners from different regions of the country, recognized analysts and researchers, human rights defenders from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Basque Country, Palestine and Venezuela, we declare that:

Advocates for Local Jobs Murdered in Meta

24 October 2014

Villavicencio, Colombia.

Two community activists have been murdered in the Colombian department of Meta in the last month and a half, in what oil and energy sector union USO condemns as a new chapter in a long history of systematic violence designed to weaken community and labor organizations in this petroleum-rich region.

BP faces High Court trial for environmental damage in Colombia

14 October 2014

 In 2013 BP sold its Colombian operations to Equion Energía, which is comprised of Ecopetrol and Talisman energy (51% and 49% respectively). In December 2013 Talisman also sold 12.15 % of it's shares in the Oleoducto Central S.A. project, also known as OCENSA. The content of this article is directed against BP who will be brought to justice at the High Court of the U.K. for environmental damages.

The " Caravan for the Defense of Territory" wraps up its journey in Nariño

16 September 2014

On August 27, 2014, the Caravan for the Defense of Territory in Nariño presented a preliminary report to local authorities and medias in Nariño’s capital city of Pasto.  The Caravan, comprised of over 20 Colombian and international organizations, travelled for 7 days in different small towns and villages in the south of Nariño through the municipalities of Samaniego and Tuquerres.

Colombia: Militarisation serving extraction

10 September 2014

The Colombian armed forces, with 281,400 military personnel, are the second largest army in all of Latin America, surpassed only by Brazil. Added to that are the 159,000 members of the National Police, a militarised police force that reports to the Ministry of Defence. In Colombia there are 6.2 soldiers per one thousand inhabitants, a ratio almost four times that of Brazil.

Union Leader Assassinated in Colombia

4 September 2014

As Colombia marks the International Day of the Disappeared, another unionist has been killed.

                             Oil sector workers on a strike in Oct. 2011

Suport "Justice Denied" video project

21 July 2014

Since july 1st the "Justice Denied" Team started to film in Medellin, Segovia, Bucararmanga interviwing, experts, affected communities, and mobilized organizations.