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Mining Showdown in Andes Over Unique Páramo Lands

24 April 2014

High-altitude neotropical ecosystems known as páramos are increasingly at risk in Colombia and elsewhere in South America as major mining companies seek to exploit rich deposits of gold and other minerals. Such projects, scientists warn, could have serious impacts on critical water supplies.
by chris kraul

Humanitarian Zone, for our present and future dignified life Statement from the Residents of Buenaventura

17 April 2014

Faced with the barbarity which we have witnessed, the murder of members of our community by paramilitaries since November of last year through today, before the terror that we live daily, the 800 families who live in 500 homes in the Nayero Bridge sector San Francisco, in the La Playita area of Buenaventura, Colombia, we have declared our territory as Living Space, Protection Area and Humanitarian Zone.

Date Set for the National, Popular Agrarian Strike After Meeting with President Santos, May 1

16 April 2014

 “The dialogue with the government will continue, but with the mobilizations,” stated Marylén Serna, spokesperson of Congreso de los Pueblos who participated in the meeting in the Nariño Palace with the President of the Republic. The announced strike will not only be realized from the campesino sector: it will involve diverse social sectors and it already has broad political support.

Aiming at the Hearth - Apuntando al Corazon

16 April 2014

Heroes Do Exist in Colombia was the name of the first major military propaganda campaign rolled out during ex-president Alvaro Uribe's (2002-2010) Democratic Security Policy.

The government's publicists reached for the hearts and minds of Colombians using emotional narratives of war and by constructing an image of the military based on the figure of hero and protector of a population vulnerable in the face of a guerrilla insurgency.

The Dominion: Golden Years Go Grey: Canada's pension fund heavily invested in dirty coal

4 April 2014

Coal mining leads to elevated risks of "black lung" and other respiratory diseases. Illustration by Mika Barrington-Bush

London, UK—When many Canadians think about their pensions, they think about a long-deserved break, a chance to relax, a well-earned "thank you" for a lifetime of hard work. But the money that funds their monthly retirement cheques is dirtier than they realize, with links to some of the most destructive and polluting companies in the world.