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Colombia farmers' uprising puts the spotlight on seeds

6 September 2013

On 19 August, Colombian farmers' organisations initiated a massive nationwide strike. They blocked roads, dumped milk on cars and basically stopped producing food for the cities. The problem? Farmers are being driven out of existence by the government's policies.


Verdict of the Popular Tribunal On the Extractive Industry Practices in Colombia

27 August 2013

In a press release on August 18, 2013, the final day of the  Popular Tribunal on the Extractive Industry Practices in Colombia, the Colombian Redher network published the jury's final verdict. A complete document will be made public soon in order to bring to light the whole of incriminating evidence that supports this popular judgment.

The companies on trial at the Tribunal were generally accused of:

Colombian Connection: Canadian Neocolonialism in the Global South

16 August 2013

For more than half a century, Latin America has been a testing ground for American imperialism and its policies of economic shock therapy, resource extraction and covert paramilitary funding. From historic US involvement in military coups in Chile and Guatemala to its arming of narcotraffickers in the Amazonian rainforest, American interests continue to exert a significant influence in the region despite moves toward greater protectionism in places like Venezuela and Brazil.

Cosying up with mining industry

11 August 2013

Matchmaking session gives miners, NGOs chance to team up for projects, but not everyone is happy about the process

MONTREAL - Somewhere inside the vast Palais des Congrès, a strange sort of “speed dating” session will be held this weekend to match some unlikely bedfellows.

These are not lonely hearts looking for love, however, but mining companies hoping to hook up with bleeding hearts — the social and environmental groups working to improve living conditions near Canadian mines abroad.

Public denunciation: Threats against Movice leaders and organizations

10 August 2013

On august 4th 2013, a threat entitled “comunicado público #12” with the headline “Los Rastrojos, Comandos Urbanos” has been issued. It mentioned several organizations, human rights defenders, lawyers and politicians of opposition.

In this threat, Jose Humberto Torres, lawyer of the Solidaridad con Presos Políticos Committee (CSPP), Iván Cepeda, chamber representative and representative of the Jose Alvear Restrepo lawyers collective and every member of the Movement of Victims of State Crimes (Movice) were targeted as “military objective”.

Murders of human rights defenders jump sharply in Colombia

9 August 2013

A study by Somos Defensores, a non-governmental protection program for human rights defenders, reveals shocking growth in murders of Colombian human rights defenders. The chart below illustrates that in 2012, the number of murders was nearly 14 times what it was in 2006. And 2013 is on a pace to be even worse.