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Continuous surge of arrests of syndicate leaders in Colombia

5 December 2013

The Oil Industry Workers Union (USO) condemns the detention of its companions today.

CAMPO ELIAS ORTIZ, HECTOR SANCHEZ and JOSE DILIO NARANJO, workers and union leaders of the Department of Meta, were deprived of their freedom because of the worker protests in 2011 and 2012 en the municipal of Puerto Gaitán and who worked in businesses against multinational PACIFIC RUBIALES.

Government, landowners and transnationals do not want to resolve national problem

14 November 2013

In what has been referred to as the conflict’s other agenda, the Colombian government, led by Juan Manuel, Santos, has begun a bloody persecution against popular organizations using security and military groups. At the same time, in a clear collaboration with this strategy, semi-official forces are assassinating and displacing hundreds of Colombians in many areas of the country.

Nestlé union worker murdered in Colombia

10 November 2013

Last week, Nestlé workers in Colombia began a hunger strike to force the multinational company to enter into discussions with the Sinaltrainal trade union. For several months , Nestlé has refused. Instead of seeking a solution to the conflict, Nestlé aggravates the situation by launching dangerous accusations against the union. On Saturday, November 9th 2013, a trade unionist was murdered.
Petition addressed to the Director General of Nestlé:


4 November 2013

On November 2, 2013, in the city of Villavicencio, Brother DARIO CARDENAS, Vice President of USO (META), was arrested under a warrant from the First Criminal Court of Villavicencio, in which he is accused of “obstruction of public roadways, arson, and aggravated damage to property.”

Attacks against Native peoples

31 October 2013

Why is large-scale mining a human rights issue in Colombia?

28 October 2013

Diego Melo

Foreigners and citizens often think of Colombia as a land of paradoxes. Though the country is filled with natural resources and biodiversity, it was recently ranked third most unequal in the region.

Colombians in the streets commonly wonder: “why are we so poor if our land is so rich?”

The threats of “Los rastrojos” against the "Social, Indigenous and Popular Minga. For Life, Territory, Autonomy and Sovereignty"

20 October 2013

The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) and the regional organizations subsidiaries we categorically reject stigmatizations, harassment, threats, constraints, illegal detentions, aggression and human rights violations and offenses to the International Humanitarian Law that have taken place at the Social, Indigenous and Popular Minga, For Life, Territory, Autonomy and Sovereignty by the National Government.