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Aiming at the Hearth - Apuntando al Corazon

16 April 2014

Heroes Do Exist in Colombia was the name of the first major military propaganda campaign rolled out during ex-president Alvaro Uribe's (2002-2010) Democratic Security Policy.

The government's publicists reached for the hearts and minds of Colombians using emotional narratives of war and by constructing an image of the military based on the figure of hero and protector of a population vulnerable in the face of a guerrilla insurgency.

The Dominion: Golden Years Go Grey: Canada's pension fund heavily invested in dirty coal

4 April 2014

Coal mining leads to elevated risks of "black lung" and other respiratory diseases. Illustration by Mika Barrington-Bush

London, UK—When many Canadians think about their pensions, they think about a long-deserved break, a chance to relax, a well-earned "thank you" for a lifetime of hard work. But the money that funds their monthly retirement cheques is dirtier than they realize, with links to some of the most destructive and polluting companies in the world.

USO legal action frees three members detained as a result of persecution by the multinational Pacific Rubiales

20 February 2014

A court ruling that struck down a detention order led yesterday to the release of three members of the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO), Héctor Sánchez, Dilio Naranjo Gualteros, and Campo Elías Ortiz. The men were being detained for offences allegedly committed during protests held in Puerto Gaitán in 2011, in the ongoing campaign to compel the multinational Pacific Rubiales and its contractors to respect labour rights.

Marmato : Colombian miners battle Canadian company for an estimated $18 billion in gold

7 February 2014

MARMATO, Colombia — Along the dusty and winding cliffside road that climbs the mountain of Marmato, about 500 men mine for gold as it has been done for many decades.

They swing picks, push carts and hang buckets of earth on wires and pulleys to send down the mountain. Small, wood-framed mine entrances dot the face of the mountain as the buckets sling back and forth overhead and streams of grey water trickle underfoot. And if one sticks a finger into the right pile of mud, it comes out sparkling.

Colombian activists says Canadian companies benefiting from human rights abuses

7 February 2014

Three years after Canada signed a free-trade agreement with Colombia saying our country was committed to helping Colombians live “better, safer lives,” human rights activists came to Ottawa this week with a different message: Their nation is spiralling toward genocide, and some Canadian companies are reaping the benefits.