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Invisible Families

5 October 2015

INVISIBLE FAMILIES is a project in construction that aims at fighting the isolation and giving a face to the reality of those touched by the judicialization and detention in a correctional center of one of their relative. 

A caravan in defense of life and territory: Impunity still on its pedestal

4 October 2015

« Without the river, I can’t laugh, I can’t dream, I can’t live: rivers for life, not death! »  This quote is taken from one of the testimonies that moved the activists that took part in the Caravan for the Defense of Life and Territory, an event that took place from the 15th to the 28th of August 2015. This event was organized by the The Network for Fraternity and Solidarity with Colombia.

Pacific Rubiales: once again where it shouldn’t be…

22 September 2015

Pacific Rubiales Energy, the most powerful Canadian Company in Colombia, is now acting under the name Alange Energy Corp and it intends to break ground on the COR-33 project in Colombia’s páramo de Sumapaz.  It is important to mention that Pacific Rubiales is receiving support from the Canadian government.  In 2014 alone, the company was granted close to 50 million dollars (source: Exportation et Développement Canada).

Freedom for detained leaders: a victory for social and popular movement

15 September 2015

The People’s Congress sees the just action of the 44 Criminal Circuit Judge of Bogotá that granted the freedom of the social activists detained 66 days ago, as a triumph of the social and popular movement.

We commend, in the midst of a carceral society, the bravery of the judge that gave priority to the right of guarantees with not only the media pressure but also from senior officials of the Executive, the prosecuting body, and the Police.

watch the documentary "Mining Orgy"

11 August 2015
"Mining Orgy" - excellent 42 min. video on impacts of mining in four regions of Colombia
The documentary "Mining Orgy" was produced by Corporación Podion and the Red Nacional en Democracia y Paz (RNDP), in association with Censat Agua Viva and the Observatorio Colombiano de Políticas Públicas (OCOPOLIS)