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Despite peace negotiations, Canada sells 32 tanks to Colombian government

26 January 2015

While undergoing peace negotiations with the FARC, Colombia has recently acquired 32 combat and troop transportation vehicles (LAV III) through the Canadian commercial corporation (CCC), a crown corporation acting as a contracting and international supply agency.  The transaction was officially announced in Canada on January 10th by the CCC, but the Colombian army’s website reported that the first LAV III had arrived in Colombia in September 2014, and that the vehicles’ destination is a military base located in the department of La Guajira.  Constructed by Gene

Confirmed: Legal Medicine determined that social leader Carlos Pedraza was killed by a shot in the neck

26 January 2015

Simply update 3:02 pm] The opinion of Legal Medicine establishes that the death of the Peoples Congress leader, Carlos Pedraza, was produced by "projectile gun [causing] a lesion located at the skull with a travel from back to the forth (...) with a low speed gun". This evidence confirms the hypothesis that the murder is a political crime in a context in which social leaders, among whom are his closets companions- were threatened with death.

Unión Sindical Obrero Returns to Campo Rubiales

26 January 2015

On January 22, the Unión Sindical Obrero (USO) returned to Campo Rubiales in an act of strength and defiance to show that nor threats, nor assassinations, nor contract terminations can keep the USO away.  This public return involved various events with USO members from all over Colombia as well as participation from accompanying organizations and groups such as members from the Sikuani community in Puerto Gaitan, the Comite Ambiental Agrario y Comunitario de Puerto Gaitan, the National Movement for Victims of State Crimes (MOVICE), CUT (Central Unitaria de Trab

Threats to leaders, human rights advocates, and community and human rights organizations

23 January 2015

We are going through a period of importance for the future of Colombia, what with the initiation of peace talks between the insurgency and the national government. But this initiative and this political will, supported by the majority of our fellow citizens, are being challenged with threats, attacks, and intimidation. The Águilas Negras paramilitaries have launched a nationwide offensive against community processes, leaders, and organizations who are fighting for human rights, democracy, peace, and the dignity of victims in Colombia.

Talisman is simply changing hands

21 January 2015

We learned in December 2014 that the multinational Talisman, one of Canada's largest independent corporations, was bought by Spanish company Repsol in exchange for US$13 billion. Talisman is an oil and gas exploration and production company, operating at the international level since 1992. The company is known in Quebec for participating in shale gas projects, and has been highly criticized for its operations in Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Iraq and Algeria, to name just a few.

Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales in Colombia - Fairtrade certified?

19 January 2015

Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales in Colombia
Fairtrade certified?

Pacific Rubiales has received Fairtrade certification for petroleum production in the sites of Rubiales and Quifa, Colombia. Fairtrade certification was granted by Equitable Origin, after a process carried out by Deloitte Colombia. This news is surprising. It removes all credibility from the process of Fairtrade certification.