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Communities from Meta dialogue with Pacific Rubiales Energy after Social Strike

30 May 2015

After a number of days of an indefinite strike in the entrance to the oil fields of oil giant Pacific Rubiales Energy, there were negotiations between the community, the multinational, and the local, regional, and national authorities in order to find possible solutions to the social crisis in the region.

Why the US Government is pushing for the liberation of “Simón Trinidad” of the FARC-EP

22 May 2015
The lawyer of “Simón Trinidad,” the chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –FARC- currently imprisoned in the United States, announced that the negotiations for the liberation of his defendant have advanced to “high-level talks” between the Colombian government and the United States government. The Uribismo (far right political line) and the sectors opposed to the peace process are strongly against these negotiations, but the primary efforts for the liberation of the guerrilla chief are being pushed for by delegates of President Barack Obama.

Pacific Rubiales forced to leave Campo Rubiales

4 May 2015

The Colombian oil company Ecopetrol announced she will not be renewing mid-May-2016 the contract allowing Pacific Rubiales’ exploitation activities in the most important oil field of the country, handing over to the state-managed Colombian company the last 65 000 barrels per day of its production.

Vigil for Peace in Colombia

27 April 2015

Colombian social movement has been building peace for the past decades of social and armed conflict, looking for ways to find a negotiated solution to this conflict.


27 April 2015

Members of the Indigenous community of Cerro Tijeras in northern Cauca Department, south-western Colombia, have been killed and others possibly forcibly disappeared. Further death threats against Indigenous Peoples in the area have also been reported.

Colombia oilfield move seen challenging Ecopetrol, Canada's Pacific Rubiales

16 March 2015

Ecopetrol's decision to take back control of the Rubiales field will imply heavier investment for it to sustain output and now raises the pressure on Canada's Pacific Rubiales to replace the future loss of nearly half its production, analysts say.

Ecopetrol announced on Friday it would not renew a contract in mid-2016 under which Pacific Rubiales operates the field, putting the latter's 65,000 barrel per day share of output back in the Colombian state-run company's hands.

Colombia's oil workers' union says to hold indefinite strike

12 March 2015
Colombia's main oil workers' union, the USO, will hold an indefinite strike, its president told Reuters on Wednesday, in protest at widespread job cuts in the sector after a plunge in crude oil prices, but no start date has yet been set.