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Colombia oilfield move seen challenging Ecopetrol, Canada's Pacific Rubiales

16 March 2015

Ecopetrol's decision to take back control of the Rubiales field will imply heavier investment for it to sustain output and now raises the pressure on Canada's Pacific Rubiales to replace the future loss of nearly half its production, analysts say.

Ecopetrol announced on Friday it would not renew a contract in mid-2016 under which Pacific Rubiales operates the field, putting the latter's 65,000 barrel per day share of output back in the Colombian state-run company's hands.

Colombia's oil workers' union says to hold indefinite strike

12 March 2015
Colombia's main oil workers' union, the USO, will hold an indefinite strike, its president told Reuters on Wednesday, in protest at widespread job cuts in the sector after a plunge in crude oil prices, but no start date has yet been set.

An agrarian leader from Arauca arrested

25 February 2015
Who is Alexander Tibacuy Laguado?
Recently, members of the CTI and SIJIN arrested the communal leader Alexander Tibacuy as results of an investigation on crimes related to the Concert of Delinquency and Financing of Terrorism. But who is Alexander Tibacuy?
ALEXANDER TIBACUY LAGUADO is the President of the Department’s Communal Action Assemblies Federation in Arauca and member of the Political movement of the social and popular masses of center east Colombia and member of the People’s Congress. 

Imminent Displacement of Farmers due to OXY Oil Company's pressures

25 February 2015

On February 26th and 27th, Arauca’s police supervisor will try to force around 40 families that occupy their lands, and were dispossessed by the oil transnational OXY more than 20 years ago, out of their lands. Paramilitary threats, resistance of farmers and indigenous communities. 

The 40 families that insist on recuperating their lands despite the siege of the oil’s security forces, the police and the army have already settled back since 16 month. 

USO members fired on after threats issued

31 January 2015

So far this year, 13 leaders of the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) have received death threats in various regions of the country. Two of them have been attacked with firearms. “Complicit silence reigns on the part of the national authorities,” says the union, which raises the possibility of “a preconceived plan being deployed from a single command center.” The USO is considering possibilities for mobilization.

Despite peace negotiations, Canada sells 32 tanks to Colombian government

26 January 2015

While undergoing peace negotiations with the FARC, Colombia has recently acquired 32 combat and troop transportation vehicles (LAV III) through the Canadian commercial corporation (CCC), a crown corporation acting as a contracting and international supply agency.  The transaction was officially announced in Canada on January 10th by the CCC, but the Colombian army’s website reported that the first LAV III had arrived in Colombia in September 2014, and that the vehicles’ destination is a military base located in the department of La Guajira.  Constructed by Gene