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Canadian war profitors

Pacific Rubiales earns more in finance than it does in oil

10 May 2013

This is what can be taken away from a recent study by the Uniciencia Bucaramanga, a Colombian university, entitled 'Mining and Energy Policy: Analysis of the Case of Pacific Rubiales'. The report's author, Mario Alejandro Valencia, states, "Despite the fact that the base of Pacific Rubiales' wealth comes from the extraction of Colombian oil and gas, a large portion of it comes from financial speculation, an activity which results in zero investment for Colombia."

An introduction to Canadian Investments and the conflict in Colombia

28 April 2013

As the world remains embroiled in a triple environmental, social, and economic crisis, the Colombian government has embarked on an ambitious plan to boost natural resource extraction. While the government is presenting its plan as a solution to these crises, unbridled exploitation of natural resources is actually one of the principal causes, particularly in the Colombian context.

‘Jaguar people’s’ urgent appeal to oil company’s shareholders

28 April 2013

An Amazonian tribe has sent an urgent appeal to shareholders of Canadian-Colombian oil giant Pacific Rubiales to protect the lives of uncontacted Indians in Peru, whose survival is threatened by the company’s work on their land.

In an urgent video message Salomon Dunu, a member of the Matsés tribe, said, ‘Our uncontacted brothers live in the forest, we have heard them many times so we know they exist… Tell the world that the Matsés are firm in our position against the oil company. We do not want it on our land.’

Canada-Colombia: oil, mines, and resistance

2 May 2013 - 18:30
Colombian trade unionists in Montreal

Centre St-Pierre
1212, rue Panet, Montreal
Beaudry metro station