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  1. Ground report Accompanying Afro-Colombian communities in Choco


  2. Colombia: The Deadly Fight for Land


  3. Video: Liliany Obando Speaks Regarding the Refusal of the Santos Regime of the Verifications of the Conditions in the State Jails

    PASC Médias Campagne de solidarité avec les prisonniÈres politiques (...)

  4. Solidarity and Support for Indigenous Communities in Cauca

    Français (...)

  5. VIDEO: Embera indigenous people say 'no' to the mining industry

    Careperro Mountain ("Haykatumá in the indigenous Embera language,) is one of the most sacred and important sites for the Embera culture. Beneath this mountain, lies gold, copper and other minerals.  When the government awarded nine mi (...)

  6. Federal mining agency can't find work

    federal agency created by the Conservative government to mediate complaints about Canadian mining operations abroad has spent more than $1.1 million in the past two years, but has yet to mediate anything. (...)

  7. Video: Uwa indigenous people opt for a future without oil

    Español (...)

  8. Update on the Conflict Surrounding Canadian Company Gran Colombia Gold: The Governor of Nariño States his Opposition to Open-Pit Mining on Campesino Land


  9. Colombia: When Humanitarian Law Is Just Rhetoric

    (IPS) - The constant violations of international humanitarian law in Colombia claimed the life of an 11-year-old indigenous girl a month ago in the mountains of the southwest province of Cauca. (...)

  10. Colombia: Mining Debate Continues as New Minister is Appointed

    Among the many riches of Colombia are gold, silver, emeralds, coal and nickel deposits; however, safety concerns have led many to question the management of the country's  mining industry. Not only because of the tragedies [es] (...)