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SIGN ONLINE Villavicencio, 1 October 2015 JAZMIN ANDREA MORERA GONZÁLEZ is a student (...)
Sign online */ As the social, student, labor, environmental, human rights organizations (...)
*/ The undersigned organizations urgently bring the following facts to the attention of the public and the (...)

News - Colombia

INVISIBLE FAMILIES is a project in construction that aims at fighting the isolation and giving a face to the reality (...)
*|MC:SUBJECT|* */ (...)
« Without the river, I can’t laugh, I can’t dream, I can’t live: rivers for life, not death! »  This quote is taken (...)

Events - Canada

Chemical Valley (located outside of Sarnia, Ontario) has the highest concentration of petrochemical plants in Canada (...)
saturday august 22nd 7pm at La Déferle, 1407 Valois// RAISING FUNDS // to bring people from to “MONTREAL” (Tiotia:ke (...)

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