Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie


Urgent Actions

Saturday March 4th, more than 200 paramilitaries in camouflage uniforms wearing an armband identifying them as (...)
There have been further paramilitary incursions into several hamlets in or near the Peace Community of San José de (...)
Attending the Colombia Support Network call out we propose an open letter to sign online, (...)

News - Colombia

22 Mar. CI.- This morning a series of captures of social and peasant leaders began in the region of South Bolívar, (...)
The Colombian Constitutional Court has found in favour of an indigenous peoples’ centuries-old fight for their (...)
For thousands of undocumented immigrants across the country, cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are (...)

Events - Canada

. Panel et projection de capsules vidéo sur les luttes et résistances des femmes face à la violence et à l’ (...)
Le CDHAL, en collaboration avec de nombreux partenaires, organise une conversation de café qui portera sur le thème (...)

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